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Our next issue theme is THE HOTEL ISSUE.

It is our humble opinion that the room service turkey club is undoubtedly the most delicious thing you can eat in a hotel room. That being said, we’ve also brought back delicious take-out, stuffed it in our mini fridge, and eaten it for for breakfast the next morning. Hotels are weird, they feel like there are so many secrets inside the rooms and kitchens; don’t even get us started on the kind of magic that happens at a hotel bar. 

We want to hear those weird hotel stories, whether they involve steamy one-night stands that ended with $13 morning-after oatmeal or about the time that suave concierge recommended the best choucroute garnie in Strasbourg. Pitch us your best hotel-related stories and recipes, we’ll be there to help you with your luggage. 

Submissions due March 2019

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